Happy Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s theme is books by my favorite authors that I still haven’t read, this is my very post of Top Ten Tuesday, I very much obsessed with reading different types of books,  here are my top ten.


Haruki Murakami 


Harumi Murakami is a Japanese writer who writes the best short stories, his collection has a unique humor and the character is portrayed in a very unusual way. Pinball, the book I read, tempted me to read his other books which are many, but for the starter, I have selected these books.



Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway’s books are other short story favorites. The old and the sea recommendations by my friend, she loved this book. She told me about this author and narrated me some stories from her Hemingway collection, that’s when I decided to put this on my preferred list.



 Khalid Hosseini


Khalid Hosseini is one of my most loved authors since this year. I finished reading the book The Kite Runner and I am excited to catch on with these books.


Paula Coelho


Paula Coelho books I have liked recently. I would like to catch on more of his books.



 Harper Lee 


I have read one book to kill the mockingbird, I liked it. Harper Lee’s books are listed on my bucket list now.



 Sidney Sheldon


Sidney Sheldon has been my favorite since I was college. I had stopped reading her books, but recently when I was in a bookstore I happen to again recollect the memories and I recently started to back up. Here are a couple of books I have missed.


Danielle Steel


I have not read much of her books, but I am a fan of romantic novels. I would love to read more of Danielle Steel books.


 Arundhati Roy 


One of the best authors I have been on my favorite list, but lots and lots to catch on. From romantic, inspirational to now culture. I would love to catch on these series.


 Aravind Adiga 


Aravind Adiga books are absolutely simple and very easy to connect with, Here is my list of books I have missed on, especially the white tiger, definitely on my list.


 A.J. Finn 


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I am a fan of thriller, twists and, horror books and movies, especially the books like Sidney Sheldon. Though this book is new in my favorite list, I have read my positive reviews about this author, obviously on my favorites.


Here are some of my favorites top ten books? What are your favorite authors? Comment and let me know


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