Happy Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s theme is Authors I would love to meet. My favorite pastime is reading books, top ten Tuesday list consists of authors from different genres. Although I have recently started reading some books, I love to meet authors and show appreciation for their work.



1. Rhonda Byre

I love how her writing it is so inspirational and motivational. I am a fan of her writing, I would love to speak to her and meet her in person.



2.  Eric Segal 

Love Story is the first fictional love story book I read of author Eric Segal and I loved it. Surely I would have loved to meet him to know how he writes so beautifully and amazing.




3. Sidney Sheldon

I have read many of his novels, his thriller, humor really catches my mind.  I feel so inspired by his characters and the storyline. I would have asked him how he comes up with such imagination and such storytelling.




4. Haruki Murakami

I generally love fictional, magic, and surrealism. They are unique or weird I can say, they are also beautiful you can’t stop with one book, once you start reading and help but admire his weirdness. I have not read all from his collection but whichever I have read I always love what I read.




5. Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is famous for her God of Small Things book, she writes about politics and general political issues. The novels are extravagant and story has simplicity and clarity. She is such an inspiration, I would love to meet her and know about her more and her writing.




6. Stephen King

He has published dozens of horror stories (yet to read more from his collection) all are different and unique in his own way he is one of the greatest writers out there. I want to meet him and ask him ” How does he so perfect and nail it every single time! ?”.




7. Shakespeare

Who doesn’t know about William Shakespeare? His love short stories and poems where so spectacular and extraordinary. I remember one of his books Romeo and Juliet, so different but so catchy and interesting. I would ask him how he had such insight at his relatively early age.




8. Paulo Coelho

I love his books, they are really great. Especially The Alchemist. It gives me a lot of advice and lesson of life. Keep inspiring and writing stories




9. Khaled Hosseini

So you are aware of my other blogs how much of a fan I am of Khaled Hosseini. Although I have read only one book from his collection still I loved the way he took into his book and deeply showed every character in every scene, he actually addresses the reality. He shows the reality in books, the culture, the settings are just glorious. If I meet him I would ask him  “How do you pull every string in our heart from your stories and make it so lively and touchy!?”




10. Nicholas Sparks 

I love fictional books and I have watched movies A walk to remember, the notebook, the lucky one and the safe haven. Though I have not read his books but watching his movies, I can tell they will be amazing , touchy and beautiful.

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Do you want to meet any of the authors on my list? and who’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments?


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