Quantity: 30 ml

Shade: Neutral, Medium, Fair (Suitable for Indian Skin Tone)

Price: Rs 550

Product Description: It has it all. It is a moisturizer, primes and enhances the skin. Plus it is Paraben and fragrance-free.

It nourishes and evenly brings that perfect shine to the skin, having the no-makeup makeup look. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin.  It has vitamin C, B, and B3. It is available in eight different shades. The silky texture slides very easily and even out the texture of the skin.


My Review

This cream comes with a black plastic cap, shiny black with the name of the product on it. The tube is a squeeze kind with a twist- up cap.  Each squeeze dispenses a lot of product to use in one go . It a very pocket-friendly tube .


As I am not that much of an everyday foundation person, I wanted something which would show some skin and even out my skin texture. Recently I watched my favorite beauty guru talking about her favorite bb creams from a drugstore. She included LA Pro bb cream on her list, after wearing for about 2-3 times,  I loved the texture and how beautiful it got blended into my skin. It lasts for about 6-7 hours. Even a small amount of this bb cream does wonders for the skin. It is a high-definition bb cream so it is applied as a foundation as well, a small amount goes a long way. Also, the shades are little misleading, as I am warm undertone I have used the neutral shade. I am so in love this product. I always use this product for the special festive occasion as well. If you have dry skin or need Matte effect, set it with translucent powder.  I am very satisfied with this product. I think this is the best bb cream I have ever tried.

Though it is a BB cream, it works as a foundation because a little amount goes a long way.  LA bb cream has subtle to no fragrance, unlike other bb creams and foundations.  Fortunately, I found my shade Neutral properly, but searching online for your skin shade becomes very difficult and misleading the only way I found out about my shade is watching youtubers online who complimented my skin tone. I had high expectations from the product because I had heard about this brand and read a lot of reviews about this product online, so I wanted to gave it a try, I am glad I purchased this product. There are about 8 different shades to choose from most of you will find your suitable color.

It has a high coverage, easy to apply and has a sits smoothly,  gives a flawless finish and a no-makeup look.

Where to Buy 


Amazon India 


  • Pocket-Friendly
  •  It is Natural Moisturizer
  • Mattifies the skin
  • Last for 6-8 hours
  • Smooth texture, easy to apply
  • Available in 8 different shades
  • Gaves a satin finish
  • Full coverage
  • Easy to apply and blend



  • It is an expensive product compared to other BB creams in India online.



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