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7 Unknown Facts about Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi , the birthday of Lord Ganesha is one of the biggest festival celebrated every year. It is a 10-day long festival ends on Ananta Chaturdashi with the immersion of idols. 

As Ganesh Chaturthi celebration begins in Mumbai today, let’s take look at lesser-known facts about Lord Ganesha.

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20 Facts About Me



In this blog, I am going to tell about myself. Here are 20 facts about me. Get to know me, Tag.

  1. I was born in Mumbai, India
  2. I am a die-hard dark chocolate lover, I want dark chocolate in everything. Especially when it comes to ice cream I prefer dark chocolate ice cream.
  3. I have a phobia about heights
  4. I love reading books
  5. When I am feeling low, I prefer to write down my negative thoughts which makes me feel better
  6. I can’t live without my phone. When I  don’t see my phone I get a panic attack, I am gradually working on improving this habit of mine
  7. I love to Travel, explore places, eat new cuisine
  8. I am an emotionally attached person
  9. I want to travel the whole world
  10. Presently  I am learning a new language German
  11. I am a coffee lover
  12. I prefer beach than the city
  13. I love music with meaningful lyrics
  14. Spicy tangy food is my favorite
  15. My favorite savory would be anything that satisfies my stomach that time.
  16. My favorite season  is winter
  17. I can’t leave my house without my eyeliner and lipstick
  18. Kaju katli is my sweet tooth
  19. My guilty pleasure is coffee
  20. Never Give Up is my favorite phrase.

Here are facts about me. Let us get to know each other better. Tell me yourself in the comment section below.


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