Yesterday I celebrated my another birthday. Another year has gone by, I have learned so much this year. Life teaches you all, there are so many lessons we learn in the journey, we fall, we rise and that happened with me too. There are so many things I wanted to do. Things didn’t go as I wanted to, which I’ve realized it’s okay. Sometimes life gives you ups and downs, that’s life. Sometimes life takes us to several detours where we end up not expected to be lucky, but there so many lessons that we learn along the way.

Id like to share some of the things I have learned.

  • Smile and your gratitude will follow

If you having a bad day,  smile. Just Smile, it will release your muscles, lighten your mood and make your brain think you are happy. Try to counteract your negative thought with a positive one. Again, this is something which you should do it daily, it takes practice.

  •   People you love will hurt you and disappoint you 

I use to distinguish between friends who would hurt me or didn’t encompass the values I did, I would cut the friendship off.  We all act little selfish, forget to consider the people we love, take others for granted. That’s okay. People go through stages, people make mistakes. Forgive and forget. That should not affect the friendship you had for so many years. Eventually, if that friend is really your friend, he/she will forgive you as well.  Sometimes a friendship needs some time to breathe before it flows again.

  •  One’s nature does not change 

Our thinking, our appearances, our character can constantly change.  Our inner nature doesn’t change. There is absolutely nothing you can to change any other person. Every person is different. If you are with that person, accept the change. Do you want other people to have powers to change you? No.

  •   Relationship are (wonderful) work    

Every relationship is going to work, it needs time. It’s normal for things to need some compromise, some reassurance, some time, patience. The real question to do you really get satisfaction in the relationship, it is really worth it. If it does, then it’s worth it. If it does not, reevaluate it. Even closest friends have to make lots of compromises time to time. It’s worth it.

  • You will lose a job but ultimately you will get a new one

Endings are disheartening.  You may be uncomfortable in the beginning, you will get over it. Maybe, something good is in store for you, some good opportunity is coming your way.

  •  Say thank you all the time 

I love saying thank you. If someone from customer service helps, I always say to them how much I appreciated their help. If in a shop the shopkeeper hands my stuff, I say thank you to them.  Being grateful for the small things puts me in a good mood.

  •   It’s ok not have a specific goal 

For the most of time in my life, I was very focused, motivated and accountable. Do what you love, put your 100 % you will have it your way. Sometimes it good to go with the flow, that’s great. It’s a learning process, never stop learning.

  •   Best way to get people interested in you is to be interested in them. 

Your close friends, relatives, your partner all want that communication, the two-way communication. Ask questions, listen to them, communicate with them and be genuinely interested in people and their story.

  • It’s never going to be a “right time “.  Start from today  

The road of excuses can be never-ending.  It’s not the right time to travel or to start a business or start a blog or start writing.  If you want to do something, start from today onwards. There will never be a right time. say goodbye to excuses and start from today.

  • Take care of yourself 

I have learned to take care of myself. Failure is part of life, learn from it move forward, believe yourself . Take a time out for yourself pamper yourself, love yourself.

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