Every day we are in a constant struggle to be better in our game.

Be it a job, mother, daughter, colleague, friend, a lover.

We try to not to be late at work or forget to call our friends once in a while.

We promise to not to say hurtful things during a fight.; we try so hard to make everyone happy who is close to us, but someone somewhere is unhappy because of us.

We sacrifice our time and energy for someone, yet we don’t get appreciation what we really deserve.

So darling here is a little reminder to always appreciate ourselves because if you don’t, no one else will.

You might be having a bad day or feeling down or depressed,

Your work is not going great or you think you are  not where you want to be,

But, hear me loud and clear

These days will pass by,

You are Doing Absolutely Fine.

You are doing your best, being your best, trying to be better every single day.

That’s what matters.

Pack your bags for a vacation, write a novel, do what you love

Sometimes it’s ok to be lazy, Dress up a little if you want .

Unwashed PJs are fine too.

It’s ok to let that phone ringing.

Survive the struggles; remember to be kind.


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  1. So true! We do need to step back, relax & appreciate ourselves. It makes life a whole lot easier! X

  2. Saumya Agrawal

    Relatable! Very well expressed 🙂

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