Soul Sister


Dear Sister,

Ours has been a journey from adolescent childhood days, fighting, learning from one another and spending hours playing games and singing. You were the first person from whom I learned what makeup is all about and those days when I really wanted to look perfect on the first day of the job interview or any special function, you were there to help me guide me, right from the start, skype fights , our facebook filter stories and those facebook sharing jokes stories, but when it comes to stupid fights and fun, a forever friend, a support system, memories we both share, that special moments always be remembered.

We had so many things which we did first time together, our first time singing, our first dance, your advice on relationship, ur breakups, my breakups, those silly letters we use to give each other on the birthday, gifts.

Looking back from the last 5 years, we have come a long way. You are married now, have a small baby member in our family. Though I am miles apart from you, now a busy life of our own; Though we are away, thanks to social media, we meet every day.

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