My Top 4 Dream Destination

So this my top 4 dream destinations that I have on my bucket list and it’s about why I’d love to explore these places one day.

Traveling is a joy, it is a dream which makes me happy and excited, right from packing, food, culture, languages, exploring cities and vicinity. Check out 

my favourite destinations



There was a scene in 3 idiots in which they had shown some scenes of Ladakh, Druk White Lotus School.

Even since I have seen the photos of Ladakh I have fallen in love with that place. This place is like heaven, just like Jammu and Kashmir. Those beautiful hills, valleys, and lakes just take my breath away. My ultimate dream is to go to the Chadar trek one day.

Such fantastic lovely pictures of Ladakh make me want to take a vacation today.

Featured Image: Unsplash


Featured Image: Unsplash


Featured Image: Unsplash


Featured Image: Flickr


2. Korea


                 Featured Image: Unsplash

 So Korea is a country known for their economy and entertainment industry. I use     to watch videos about Korean cuisine, culture, and beauty.

I became so obsessed with Korean culture, right from their delicious variations in     food(street food especially) and  also their food vending machines


                                       Featured Image: Unsplash

Even their cultural combination in traditional and classical music, museums and palaces. Street shopping including day and night market. Korea is definitely on my bucket list.


3. Paris


If only this childhood dream of mine will be fulfilled one day. Paris is a most popular destination for tourists. The main center of attraction is the Eiffel Tower. Then there is the Louvre in Paris, France world’s most visited museums.

Featured Image: Unsplash


4. Thailand


Featured Image: Unsplash

Another country on my bucket list. So, why do I want to go there? I guess because I got hooked going there by seeing pictures and of course beautiful places you can find there.

I want to attend the Thailand fruit festival one day. Thailand seems to be a very peaceful country where you can let your soul be still. Thai people seem always so friendly with tourists which I find fascinating.

It so amazing you can travel island to island by the boat its something new to explore, it also very cheap. There are many buddhist temples, I have heard of many vegan restaurant and it would be amazing to experience different cuisine. All in one Thailand feels like a paradise to me.

Featured Image: Unsplash

These are my top destinations. What are urs? Do let me know

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  1. Hey, I’m Korea-obsessed too, especially after watching some “mushy” Korean dramas. 😀 Ladakh is my dream-destination as well. That place sounds so dreamy. Liked your list. 🙂

  2. Paris is my dream destination too. Loved the post

    • ketaki

      Rudra …:)..I am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post.

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