If you have already tried beverages like cappuccino, latte, and mocha. You must be familiar with three shakes McCafe has come up with, one of which I  have tried. Below is my review on McCafe drinks.

American Mud Pie Shake Review

I happen to try the American mud pie shake the other day.  It is a mix of chocolate and milkshake. If you are a chocolate lover you will love this drink. It comes in a coke class with a whip cream on top. As I heard many reviews on the milkshake I thought of giving it a try.

Firstly, I loved the combination of whipped, chocolate and milk.  On the sip, it tastes delicious but after 1-2 sips it becomes boring and extremely heavy cant finish it. Honestly, I am a dark chocolate lover, I don’t have a sweet tooth. But, people who are utmost chocolate lover try it on give it a go, you will love it.

Price: 149



Iced Coffee Review

Iced Coffee recommended by my friend; he loved the coffee taste and suggested me to try it once. I love coffee extremely strong and with lots of ice, I thought of giving it a try.


I tried it and fell in love with it.  The taste of coffee beans with milk and ice makes the flavor even more enriching. I absolutely love the taste of this coffee, pretty good. Recommend for coffee lovers.

The only issue is the price, it is very expensive including the taxes.



Price: 147

Featured Image: Macdonalds

Have you tried any drinks from McDonald’s beverages before? If you have let me know, Lets chat.




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