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Life is Unpredictable

Life is what you don’t imagine it would be, unpredictable.

Life is a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get- Forest Grump

You see,

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Bucket List


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Do you remember you once a had bucket list written in your last pages of the notebook

Maybe you wished for having a dream job, a dog, traveling alone or saving money for studying abroad.

It could have been long talks with a long distance friend, a promotion or chasing something you love.

Back in the day how you thought you are happiest if only one of them came true,

Coming back to the reality, Look at you now. Don’t you do not have the things you once longed for?

We, humans, are always taught to learn, learn more. As the time goes our dreams are constantly changing, new desires are replaced by the old ones; that’s all you should know.

Do not stop learning, growing,

Do not mistake having a new desire or eagerness for your inefficient

You are always enough.

Sometimes some days the sunsets more beautifully than others.

Now can we blame the sun, do we ??

How you all doing? I have been away for a while so I would love to know what you did for yourself in the last few days.  I was offline for some days. But I am happy to be back.


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