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Are you a Phone Addict ? 4 Ways to Recover from this Addiction


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If you have the habit of checking the phone first thing in the morning before even coming out of bed- this called an addiction. If you are text messaging when you are meeting your friend instead of communicating with each other – your phone is literally controlling your personal life.

You all know that I have a phone addiction if you don’t know check my blog 20 facts about me. Last  1 year has been very difficult for me. That’s when a friend of time suggested me to try these tricks. After 1 year I can say that it really worked for me.


Following steps helped me to recover from this addiction.

4 Ways to Recover from this Addiction


  • Morning wake up call: Do you check your phone immediately after you wake up, this a serious issue. Start your day with some exercise, a glass of water, preparing a healthy breakfast and cup of coffee/tea.  Spend your morning in writing your do list (how your day should go), start your day with the positive attitude to take on the day ahead.


  • Don’t sleep with your phone: Keeping your phone beside you is not good, it can damage your brain. Instead of giving an excuse, buy an alarm clock and put your phone somewhere else instead of your bed.


  • Say No to Phone Timezone:  Having a phone is not a problem,  if it’s affecting your work then it is problem. If you are constantly distracted by your phone going off- you won’t remain focused which will affect your productivity then there is a problem. Create a no phone time zone target. Means at least 2 hours of the day switch off your phone and stay completely dedicated to your work.


  •  Get Real: When you are out with your friends, family, partner for a cup of coffee or a meal having a real conversation with them is necessary. When you meet your friends after long is this the way you are going to communicate with them? Start a real conversation with real people. Share your life experience- it’s time to get real. My personal opinion is just switching off your phone when you are with your loved ones because you will be missing conversation, memories you spend with them.

Share some of your experiences? How do u cope up with any of your addiction?

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Importance Of Gudi Padwa:

Gudi Padwa is known as a new year for Maharashtrians as the first day of  Chaitra settles in. It is considered highly auspicious day among Maharashtrians.

In South India, it is called “Ugadi” and “Yugadi” in Kannada. In Maharashtrian, it is called the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Festival.

Gudi Padwa History

Lord Ram returned Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. That is why this day is considered a celebration.

There are many stories behind this, some also say Lord Narayana came to the rescue of this earth, in the “Fish Avatar”.

Gudi Padwa Puja and Decoration 

Maharashtrians celebrate this day as a new year in the family. During this day a toran of mango leaves and jendu flower is hanged on the entrance of the door.  Toran is made by my mother every Gudi Padwa.

A Proper meal of is made just for the God’s offering.Before we have the dish offer some of it to the Devta.


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Making of Gudi 

As in my family, we do not place outside of the house, I have some knowledge about it.

It starts with a Bamboo, then it is tied with the yellow or green cloth. Tie around a neem tree and mango leaves and wrap it around with a saree of any color.

Then tie garland of ghendu flowers and sugar crystals. And lastly, put a copper pot in the inverted position.

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Happiness in the form of sweets 

In my house, Gudi padwa is celebrated with tasty food. It starts with purna poli, a dry potato dish, spicy dal, bhajia, and shrikhand.

As mentioned earlier this meal is offered for the blessing and then eaten afterward.

This is a small day where all Maharashtrian come together to celebrate this new year.

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In my locality elders deck themselves up with a traditional wear of sari and cholis and men wear dhotis to follow the tradition, dance around the whole locality this is called the lezim dance.


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Gudi Padwa marks the beginning. It is marked one of the auspicious days in the Hindu calendar.

How Did you like my blog about Gudi Padwa

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