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5 Reasons I Admire Lilly Singh (Superwomen)

Superwoman, Bawse, Girlove, Unicorn call her whatever, she is an inspiration and extraordinary women with her positive talks, motivational videos and her unique humour.

She puts efforts in her content to make every video entertaining and useful. She introduces videos to prevent loneliness and depression. Her videos are very relatable, funny and positive, to conclude she makes videos which makes the viewers smile and she does everything to have a positive impact on them.

She is brave, confident and positive and she inspires me and many others to be themselves regardless of what others think of them.  Whether it her daily vlogs, her documentary ” a Trip to Unicorn Island” where she travelled on a 26-global tour to meet her fans.

She published the book “How to be a Bawse” because:  “I’m writing this book for the same reason I started making YouTube videos: because I want to be a positive light in this world”  that’s what she said. Her videos are not only funny and silly but also inspirational and motivational.

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German Greetings- Let’s Learn German


So, as you know I am learning German: let me share with you basic German greetings.

I hope you enjoy my small basic German lesson.

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