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The Egg Treatment : One Effective Way To Get Shiny and Smooth Hair

An egg is a famous breakfast in our everyday kitchen. Other than having a lot of nutrients in our breakfast egg is beneficial to our hair as well.

In a world where pollution and artificial products are affecting our hair stripping out all natural oil and proteins, egg hair masks can prove to be a natural remedy to naturally moisturize, gave shine,  texture and bounce to it.

Egg are rich in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants, these nutrients can repair damage and gave you soft and shiny locks.

Egg on its own is very good for your hair, but adding almond oil can take hair mask to another level. A few drops of almond oil adds shine, smoothness, nourishes the scalp and treats hair loss and dry hair.

These ingredients are easily available in your house, this remedy does wonders to your hair. It’s tried and tested.



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How to Make Egg and Almond Oil Mask 

You will need

  • 1 whole egg
  • almond oil

How to use: In a bowl, take 2 tbsp of almond oil and whole egg and mix it all together well and gently apply the mask on your hair and scalp, massage for about  1-2 minutes. Let it sit for about 1 hour. Avoid using conditioner.

How often to apply: Use this mask once a week. For best results use this mask twice a week.This mask is very beneficial for dry hair.

Tip: If your hair is very dry, damaged and fizzy I recommend oiling your hair before applying this hair mask.

Advantages of Egg and Almond Oil Mask

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Strengthens hair
  • Add shine to your hair
  • Works as a Conditioner
  • Moisturises
  • Makes your look bouncy and frizz free


Excellent For Hair Growth 

If you are losing a lot of hair, having hair breakage and your hair is not growing after a certain length, try this egg and almond oil natural remedy.

Eggs are a rich source of vitamins, proteins, nutrients, biotin, and zinc, which are beneficial for healthy and shiny hair. They are also a rich source of vitamin A, D, E, and B12.

These vitamins also promote a good hair growth. Vitamin 12 nourishes hair and reduces hair fall.

Fatty acids present in the egg yolks moisturize and condition your hair, making smooth and shiny.

They are so many nutrients present in just an egg.

I saw this remedy online, I thought of trying. After continuously doing for about a month. This hair mask made my hair smooth and shiny.

Just one application my wavy hair had more volume and appeared thicker.

If you want natural straight hair gradually, try this remedy it actually works if you follow it for about once a week.

If your hair is very dry ,  using an egg yolk is an excellent method to condition and nourish your hair. Those with oily hair, use only egg white, as it helps to remove excess oil from the scalp as well add more volume and thickness.

What all hair remedies you have heard or tried?? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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Blue Heaven Diamond Blush Review on 503

Recently I was on a searching spree to find out affordable online makeup products as there were many weddings I wanted to attend. The only thing remaining was the blush, I wanted something which was cheap and of nice quality. Nykaa had a huge discount sale going on at that time, I thought of purchasing blue heaven blusher. I this blusher 2-3 times, here is my review of Blue Heaven Blush. I purchased 503 shade, here are my thoughts on this product.


blue heaven


INR 125

Product Description

BLUE HEAVEN DIAMOND BLUSH ON has a soft cream whipped formula that is long lasting and blend very smoothly with your skin.It feels virtually weightless and glides on quickly and easily giving a natural look to your face.

Soft creamy formula that is long-lasting and highly spreadable and velvety feel. Apply with the applicator and feel the magic of smooth glide.



hydrated magnesium silicate,kaolin,zinc stearate,mica, iso propyl meristate, phenoxy ethanol + methyl paraben + butyl paraben + ethyl paraben + propyl paraben + isobutyl paraben ,colour ,pearl and perfume



My Review 

Starting from the cover, it comes in a black cover box which has a transparent front end so that the color of the blusher can be easily seen  from outside,

The product comes in a black compact shape. The outside cover or the holder is black in color, this simultaneously helps for the color to pop up easily.

The holder is very fragile, very delicate to use. You gotta be careful while using these blushers. Inside it also comes with a white sponge, for applying the blush. It does a fair job but we all know we would end up using our finger or brush instead.


Shade No 503 

It is a beautiful peachy shade with a little bit of shimmer in it.As it a coral shade you can use it as an eyeshadow like a no-makeup makeup look, during a nights-out party or during wedding functions for beautiful glow on the face. The color is summery, fresh, subtle and it has decent pigmentation. You can easily build the color, stays for about 2-3 hours. It has a powdery formula, so if you have dry skin, make sure to apply some moisturizer before applying the blusher.

On this world of cosmetic online shopping, there are a variety of makeup products, it becomes difficult sometimes to choose from various online makeup brands which have good quality and are affordable, especially for someone who is a beginner. Blue heaven products is a good budget option for beginners. Blue heaven diamond blush 503 is recommended for beginners. The peach shade with fine shimmer particles adds a shimmery glow to the face. The texture is very smooth and is very easy to apply. The staying power is decent. But considering the price of the product, it was faired quite well.


  • Beautiful shade
  • Has fine shimmer particles
  • The texture is good and easy to blend
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Affordable price
  • Looks natural
  • Easy Availability


  • Less staying power
  • Easily breakable
  • Improve packaging
  • Blush doesn’t come out and fades away very easily



Availability,  AmazonIndia,  Flipkart


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