Bad Day


I was having a very rough day this morning

My thoughts manipulated me to think negative

I was feeling down, I was feeling tired, frustrated

And then I realized that sometimes life is not about finding ourselves

It is about not pretending or not becoming everything that we were not or want to be in the  first place

The world though is beautiful, but it can also be a scary place, with people judging us and advising us what we’re supposed to do.

There are so many things which are good and bad in this universe that every step we take makes us question whether we did it right, whether we are through the different level of judgments.

World though might to scary, with lots of turmoil in the middle, life is not always merry

But understand this, being different isn’t being wrong, you are just being you.

S0 why are you trying so hard to fit in when you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Or just stand somewhere else, alone, watch or do whatever you love, watching the sunset all by yourself with no one to tell you the sunset is not orange enough.

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  1. Saumya Agrawal

    An amazing post! 🙂

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